About the Club


The club's aim is to provide a sociable, non-league badminton facility on Wednesday evenings, from 8.00 pm until 10.00 pm, throughout the year with four courts available for play. It's all about enjoying the sport in a congenial atmosphere, getting good exercise and making friends. If there's sufficient interest, some social evenings will be organised. The club is strictly for adults.

Prospective members MUST get in touch first - please don't come along until invited.

Game Format - the club is devoted to Doubles - Ladies, Mens and Mixed. Singles are not played as this ties up court time for players who are waiting for a game.     

Playing standards - the club invites players who've attained a reasonable recreational standard, and above. If you're a strong, competitive player, be prepared to occasionally partner less experienced players. We can't accept complete beginners or those with only a rudimentary ability as they will siphon off good court time from the accomplished players. Beginners will find Windsor Badminton Club an ideal starting point. This runs at Windsor Leisure Centre on a Monday night from 7.00pm until 10.00 pm.     

The Venue is East Berks College Sports Hall, Langley, and is situated on the Langley Road adjacent to the mini-roundabout that connects to High Street Langley and Station Road. See the Venue page for more details.

Attendance at the club is either on the basis of becoming a Member and paying a quarterly subscription, which is cheaper, or by paying weekly as a casual player. See the Costs page to view our rates. To enquire about membership go to the Contact page.

On the court - play is to 21 points per the new rules that came into force in June 2010. The rules can be viewed by following this link: The Laws of Badminton.

The Proprietors reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone whose conduct they deem to be unacceptable, or whose standard of play is not considered high enough.