Are players matched with each other according to ability?

No. It's a strict rule that all players are expected to play with or against each other regardless of ability. To do otherwise would destroy the social atmosphere of the club.

May I bring a friend along? Existing members MUST ask the Club Organiser if it's in order to bring along a new player. New players will only be accepted if there are vacancies for additional members, and if the prospective member has a suitable standard of play.
What is the age range for players? Players must be 18 or older. This requirement is laid down by Absolutely Leisure.
May I use my mobile phone in the sports hall? Mobile phone may be used discretely and they MUST be kept on Silent mode. Players who don't observe this will not play at the club.
Can I play singles? No - the club is devoted to doubles - ladies, mens and mixed. If there is a spare court towards the end of the evening a singles game may be allowed as a concession.
Do I get a rebate on my quarterly subscription if I'm unable to attend every session. No. The Organiser of the club is committed contractually to Absolute Leisure and the court hire fees have to be paid regardless of attendance numbers. Hence, it is incumbent on members to attend regularly to get full value from their subscription. 
I'd like to try the club out - shall I just come along? No. Please phone or email first. We need to know in advance how many people are going to attend to ensure numbers are kept to a sensible level.
What personal information do members need to provide? Not much: their name and either a contact number, or preferably, an email address.
I've been playing badminton for six months and have attained a reasonable recreational standard. Would I be suitable for membership? Yes - provided you understand the rules and can demonstrate an adequate standard of play.
Is there any plan to organise social events for members. Hopefully, a pub meal will be organised prior to the Christmas and New Year closure, and perhaps something similar around June-time. It all depends on whether there is sufficient interest amongst members.
Because of my work, I can only attend every other week, can I pay a reduced membership? It's not a practical option. The casual-play cost of 4 per session will apply.
Are refreshments available? Not as such - i.e., there isn't a cafe and there are no vending machines. But HEY! - orange cordial and disposable cups will be provided free, and all the tap water you can drink.
Is tuition available to club members? Regrettably not. Badminton classes are hard to find and it's probably more practical to find an instructor who'll provide one-to-one or group tuition by special arrangement. Try asking about instructors or coaches at the various Leisure Centres. Windsor Badminton Club runs an open session on Monday evenings and welcomes all abilities.
Is there a specific dress code? No. The days of white shorts, skirts, socks and blouses are long gone, it would seem. However, wellies and boiler suits won't be welcome.
Does the club have insurance cover. Yes. The club has Public Liability Insurance in place, which is a legal requirement laid down by Absolutely Leisure.
Can I bring my children along to sit and watch. Definitely not. There is no facility to supervise children and they will be a distraction to the players. Additionally, they would not be covered by the Club's insurance policy.